Care Client Journey

At SMarter Care we truly understand the care sector all consultants have previously worked in care and have training and assessing qualifications.  We understand the demands on the home and the part that agencies play in the day to day care.

We operate an open and honest partnership with clients, meaning we do what we say we will in a timely manner.  If there’s something we can’t do then we will always be honest.  This approach is what we pride ourselves on and what makes us SMarter in the way we work with clients. All our clients appreciate our open and honest approach from the very beginning.  We ask our clients to work with us as an extension of what they do in the home.  By this it allows transparent working relationships where feedback can be given two ways.  This makes us better at what we do day in day out.

We acknowledge all clients are very different, essentially yes you provide care, but the approach and way this is done is different home to home.  We visit all homes before we supply, Sarah the director and a consultant will meet you and get to know about what you do and the requirements of the residents and home. This is one of the most important aspects of the client journey and Sarah’s favourite part! This is where really get to know about you and we really do like to know what you do. At this visit relationships start to grow, you will see from this visit that Sarah and her team are dedicated experienced and know the sector inside and out.

We have a database of candidates which have a large skill mix, we consistency recruit candidates to ensure we can always meet the demands of the ever changing sector.

We are also aware that financials vary from home to home and therefore we adapt a pricing structure that is unique to you and you only.  One price/service doesn’t fit all. As professionals we will work with you to look at what best suits your needs and financials.  We are experts in what we do, don’t just take our word for it, please read our reviews.

All our candidates go through a rigorous selection process which can takes a few weeks. No candidates are placed to work without being 100% complaint.  We use a system called FLO which records all compliance and checks documents as and when they are needed to be renewed.

  • Right to work checks
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • Competency based questions
  • Employment history check (checking for gaps in employment and reasons why)
  • Referencing form at least 2 employers
  • Training – aligned with the Care Certificate knowledge and practical moving and handling
  • 12 monthly refresher training for all staff
  • On going supervision and feedback sessions and 1:1 training
  • Shadow shifts
  • Profile of each candidate emailed over
  • ID badge
  • Logo on uniform to identify SMarter Care staff
  • Compliance regularly checked and updated

Enough talk, let's do some work together