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To whom it may concern

        I have worked for Ashleigh for about a year on and off.   Ashleigh is by far the best agency colleague I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. I would even go as far to say she was the reason I came back to Oakland for a second time.

Ashleigh has never let me down once with finding work or issues at work. First time I was with her she found me work straight after I’d left my first place of work. She is always supportive and has time to answer any of my questions. Ash is friendly and easy to approach.  I’ve never worked with anyone from an agency that has been anywhere near as good as ash. I have never rang her with issues about payroll, time sheets and many other issues and even if she has not answered the phone she always calls me back and sorts any issues I’ve got. Never once rang her or text her and not had an issue sorted.

Ashleigh is the only reason I’m with Oakland and I would and I have recommended her to friends and family when it comes to looking for work. She always has time for you and goes out of her way at any point of the day (even out of hours) to help you with any and all issues with work. I couldn’t have wished for a better agency colleague and she is a valued member of my team when working for Oakland.

Thank you !


Sarah Heath

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