We wanted to let our clients and candidates know that we are open. Over the past 8 weeks we have all worked from home and enjoyed the lovely weather.

Its now back to business and although things might look and feel a bit different we have all missed the office and our work family. We will all agree its nice to be back. We have maintained social distancing in the office and have a risk assessment in place to support the COVID-19 strategy to get people back to work. all staff feel safe and protected. They all have a safety bag that the directors have made for them and they have these with them at all times.

We have a new office dog, don’t worry we still have Dillon bit he is getting older so now spends his times at home having some peace and quiet away from the new puppy Errol. Errol is a smoothie poo – yes you read right – he is a cockapoo but with smooth hair. He is in the office with us daily, he is a mummy’s boy and spends most of the day under Sarah’s desk mot leaving her alone.

We all look very tanned and some have more grey hair than before – we await the hairdressers to open.

What have you all been doing throughout this time? What new skills have you learnt?

Some of our team have been doing new things:

Sarah – Crocheting, Nail Art Techniques, fractions from her sons school and how to create a Tik Toc

Andy – DIY, he can now lay a new floor he can also now clean the house, which his wife loves. His new alter ego is Bruce Forsyth

Nicola – Learnt how to cut hair and gel polish nails, making her own cocktails and McDonald’s breakfast

Mark – Tik Toc, found a new passion for reading, walking over 5 miles a day and how to finally switch off and relax

Jo – Gardening – Finally famished her garden and moved 100s of tons of soil

Ash- learnt to her own nails – tips and gel polish, Fishing, Restoring garden items to make a lovely display and self medicating (needle – ouch) for her Asthma

Pictures and Video to follow

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