Here at SMarter Recruitment we pride ourselves on quality staffing solutions. We don’t just put anyone into a care setting. People who work in care need to be know what’s expected of them.

Recently we had a lovely lady that wanted care work. She is a qualified nurse in her own country and her skills could easily fit into the care sector.

She trained with myself and passed all the assessments. however before we put staff out to work we require them to complete a shadow shift with one of the homes we work with. This is a vital part of the training, its also an opportunity for staff to see if they want to do this as job as to everyone knows what’s involved day to day. Even though she was a nurse in her own country care work was very different to what she thought it would be. Following her shadow she then decided that care wasn’t actually for her.

Whilst this is a lengthy process to us and some would see as a waste of time we would prefer this process to take place and know we are working with the staff. Staff have to feel happy with what they are doing, care is poorly paid and if you don’t enjoy what you do you will not do the job right. We use the 6cs to base what we do in the right way, therefore our staff are caring, compassionate, committed, able to communicate, competent and having the courage to speak put when required. Having these values in place help us decide of someone is suitable to work in care, even then this job still might not be for them!

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