Preparing for an interview can be stressful – mostly because you don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what questions you’re going to be asked, nor do you know what the personality of the recruiter is like. On top of that, you’re wondering about how you will do – because you want to do your best. What we’ve found though, is that practice and preparation can help remove some of the stress that’s building up. If you can go into the interview with a positive frame of mind, then you’ll be much better prepared to answer the questions that they ask.

Read Through Our Techniques And Tips

Interview DO’s and DONT’s

The Top Ten Most Asked Interview Questions

Pre-Interview Checklist

We have developed an extensive collection of resources above that are always available to our candidates. We aim to provide unbiased information and advice to our candidates to help them find their ideal employment opportunity, and be successful in getting through the application stage of the process. However, our work also extends to post-employment advice and guidance, should any of our candidates need extra support.

If you’ve applied for one of the vacancies on our website, and feel that you may need help and advice for an up and coming interview, rest assured that your personal adviser will always be willing to meet you where possible. Your adviser will be able to tell you what to expect at the interview, how you should approach the interview, what questions you may asked and more.

If you would like Oakland Recruitment to help you prepare for an interview, feel free to contact one of our recruitment specialists at 01782 717766.

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