Pre-Interview Checklist

Preparing for your interview is always beneficial, and sometimes it’s best to make a checklist. That way, you can easily gauge what needs to be done, and just how prepared you are. You can use the below checklist to help you prepare for your interview.

  • Have you worked out how to get to the interview location? Do you know how long it will take?
    •  Try doing a trial run a few days before.
  • How will the interview be conducted? Formally or informally?
    •  Try researching the organisation online.
  • What resources will be available to you at the interview?
    •  If you’ve been asked to do a presentation or test, ask to see what you’ll need.
  • Have you researched the organisation and their products?
    •  Try scouring through their company website.
  • Printed out an extra CV?
    •  Sometimes, the interviewer won’t have a copy on hand.
  • Have you prepared a copy of your most portfolio?
    •  Giving your employer the chance to see your best work can help to land you the job.
  • Have you prepared relevant questions?
    •  Always try to ask questions at the end of the interview.
  • What will you wear?
    •  Always prepare your interview clothes the night before.

If you would like Oakland Recruitment to help you prepare for an interview, feel free to contact one of our recruitment specialists at 01782 717766.

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