Finding a job in today’s market is both easier and harder for different reasons. While there are more portals and avenues to connect with job openings, the workforce pool is also full of limitless potential. This is why anyone on the hunt for a good job offer at competitive salary rates needs to give their best during job interviews.

Once you clear the initial screening process for a job opening, you’ll generally be invited to meet with the hiring manager or your prospective boss. Most hiring managers and veteran job applicants will give you advice about making a good impression or building a compelling cover letter. Although these are helpful to provide you with an advantage, the interview process is more than just detailing your value as an employee. If you can’t present yourself properly, all your credentials will be useless during the final deliberations.

Job Interviews: Getting in the Right Mindset

Being presentable in your job interview is all about being comfortable in your own skin. This is why applicants wear formal clothing to act and respond in a certain way. You can take this to another level by making proper preparations before your scheduled interview.

In this article, we’ll share three ways to make you more comfortable during a job interview.

1. Have a Hearty Meal

It’s no surprise that many job applicants will have higher blood flow rates the closer their scheduled appointment is. This anxiety can cause you to burn energy even while sitting idly with a row of other applicants or even while waiting for an online meeting.

The fewer biological nuisances you have, the more you can focus on responding properly and accurately during the meeting. Remember to have a big breakfast or a heavy lunch to ensure that hunger won’t get the best of you. If possible, bring a water bottle in your bag to stay hydrated before the meeting.

2. Take Some Time in the Bathroom

There are multiple reasons you should arrive at the interview venue early or at least prepare in advance for an online meeting. Having the extra 15 minutes of downtime gives your mind enough time to be in the right headspace. When you can, take the time to head to the bathroom to expel anything, from using the loo to releasing your stress. This will also give you a chance to fix yourself if you just came from a long commute. Double-check your appearance in the mirror and give yourself one last pep talk before heading to your appointment.

3. Rehearse Your Interview Points

Although companies will have different questions to ask you during the interview, you can prepare for some general questions they’ll ask for all applicants. This includes questions about your hobbies, interests, work experiences, job expectations, and potential salary. While you could encounter other questions during the job interview, these general topics will almost always be present. Remember to have a response for each one so you’ll be prepared with what you have to say. 

Don’t be afraid to say things confidently with enough conviction, especially with regard to the salary rate they’ll offer you. It’s time to avoid the uneasiness of talking about money during job interviews. After all, the point of job hunting is to choose a company you’ll commit to that provides fair compensation for your services.


Finding a job in today’s competitive market isn’t the hardest part of getting into a company. Doing well during the interview is still the crucial point that will land you a job or not. Although preparing for job interviews is vital, looking for job openings is still the first among many steps you will face to climb the corporate ladder. Thankfully, you don’t have to go to great lengths to find job openings that fit your experience and training.

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